Cooperation partners

Our strategic partnerships enable us to expand our profile in terms of both capabilities and geographical reach. In choosing our partners, we not only demand the highest professional standards but also attach great importance to compatibility between our companies’ cultures. Working together, we can only maximise success for our clients if our people and organisations share the same standards and values. Our longstanding collaborations with Bellier Financial and Hendricks & Schwartz are testimony to the power of this approach.

Amsterdam / London

We have for many years been working closely together with our pan-European agency partner Bellier Financial, with its team of some 20 professionals based in Amsterdam and London. The owner-managed agency, which specialises in both real estate and asset management, supports our clients in successfully raising visibility and sharpening their market images throughout Europe.

The primary aim of our cooperation with Bellier is to optimally support the internationalisation of our German-market clients with effective and precisely tailored communications. Our clients benefit in particular from Bellier’s local media network, the professional localisation and adaptation of communications to each target country, and the central management and oversight by Feldhoff & Cie. as trusted partner for all aspects of communications and public relations.

Munich / Berlin / Zurich

Real estate projects are very often subject to intense scrutiny from the surrounding communities and other interested public. Outreach, involvement, inclusion and persuasion of the many stakeholders is thus the surest path to project success – from the initial approval process to ground-breaking, all the way through to completion and grand opening. To achieve this, project developers and investors require close and trusted partners who have the required experience and expertise in local and regional government, in media relations, and in the real estate business.

It is with this range of needed competencies in mind that we established our partnership with Hendricks & Schwartz, which with its offices Munich, Berlin and Zurich is an active and respected player not only in Germany but also in Switzerland and Austria. Together, we support developers and investors with their projects, whether in major cities or smaller towns, from conception to successful completion, in all aspects of acceptance communications and stakeholder management.